Bio Jeremy Scott

The Basics

Name: Jeremy Scott

Nickname: El Grande

Height: 69

Weight: 205

Personal Best: 19'1" (5.82 meters)

Birthdate: May 1, 1981

Hometown: Norfolk, NE

Current Residence: Brookland, AR

Education: Allegheny College, BS Neuroscience. Graduated 2003
University of Arkansas, 15 hours towards MS Exercise Science.

Family: The Son of Henry and Rosella Scott. Jeremy has three wonderful sisters, Kristi, Terri, and Diana. Kristi has started a family of her own with husband Mickey Tunstall in 1994, and has since become the proud mother of two sons, Remy and Wyatt. Terri was married to Chad Nordstrom in 2007 and now has a daughter, Madelyn, and a son, Drake. Diana was married in 2008 to one of America's finest, Chris Smith. They have a son, Owen.

Jeremy was married in May of 2007 to Sarah Mayberry of Salisbury, NC. Jeremy and Sarah have a son named Cameron, who was born on November 3, 2010. The three live together with their two dogs, Gracie and Sarge, just outside of the American pole vault hotspot, Jonesboro, AR.